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Additive Manufacturing

LauppGmbH-Additive-Fertigung2Metal-based additive manufacturing provides absolutely new possibilities for your component design. Fine metal powder is merged layer by layer onto the component using a laser beam to obtain a dense component.

We provide you with support for your component design and ensure an optimal manufacturing process right from the start:


1. Component dimensioning

2. Manufacturing

3. Heat treatment

4. Postprocessing



We can offer the following materials:


Aluminium alloy – AlSi10Mg

Titanium-Aluminium – Ti6Al4V

Maraging tool steel 1.2709

Hot working steel 1.2343


Max. dimensions (dependent on material): Ø 300 x 400 mm


Conformal cooling

Our core competence is the development and manufacturing of conformally cooled tool inserts in mold and die construction. In addition to our wide range of simulation tools and our long-time experience, we dispose of qualified partners offering professional manufacturing results. Discover the capabilities of  additively manufactured mold inserts, and feel free to contact us!


LauppGmbH-TrumpfCollaboration in the field of Additive Manufacturing with die casting specialist Laupp GmbH

TRUMPF Laser- und Systemtechnik GmbH, Ditzingen, has been collaborating since May 2018 in the field of 3D Printing with the Engineering Company Laupp, Markgröningen.

The collaboration‘s main objective is the joint handling of the market for Additive Manufacturing processes in the die casting sector. Customers in this market segment will in the future benefit from optimal tempering solutions for demanding (die) casting tools using conformal tempering through 3D Printing.

Laupp has had long-time experience in the development, construction, simulation, manufacturing and consulting regarding die casting tools and foundry technology. With joint tool projects TRUMPF and Laupp seek to show the capability and applicability of Laser Metal Fusion, powder bed-based laser melting, in die casting applications, and together extend our technology leadership.

„We are pleased to have found company Laupp as a partner whose know-how in tool design and construction we can now combine with the possibilities provided by Additive Manufacturing, especially with respect to conformal tempering, that make die casting tools even more productive“, says Rainer Grünauer, Marketing Director Additive Manufacturing at TRUMPF.


Further information regarding Additive Manufacturing at TRUMPF: